Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for DiscountLaptops.co.uk

1. Definitions & Interpretation

1.1 In this document:

  • “Buyer” refers to the entity acquiring goods from the Vendor.
  • “Vendor” signifies DiscountLaptops.co.uk.
  • “Agreement” encompasses any sales contract between the Vendor and the Buyer for the procurement of Goods, governed by these stipulations.
  • “Goods” denotes any items stipulated in the Agreement to be supplied to the Buyer by the Vendor.

1.2 References to laws are to those as currently enacted, considering any modifications or re-enactments. Subordinate legislation is included within such references.

1.3 Singular terms include plurals and vice versa; different gender terms are interchangeable.

1.4 Titles of conditions are for convenience only and do not influence interpretation.

2. Comprehensive Agreement

2.1 The Agreement, subject to any amendments under 2.3, is exclusively governed by these conditions, overriding any other terms (including any the Buyer might attempt to impose).

2.2 Terms from the Buyer’s documents are not incorporated into the Agreement by mere reference.

2.3 Variations to these conditions and any product representations are binding only if in writing and signed by a Vendor director.

3. Ordering Process

3.1 Orders are subject to Vendor’s acceptance.

3.2 An order acknowledgment may be sent by the Vendor, which does not constitute order confirmation.

3.3 The Agreement is finalized upon Goods dispatch, unless otherwise communicated.

4. Goods Description and Pricing

4.1 Goods are as described on the Vendor’s website when ordered.

4.2 Images and titles do not legally represent the Goods; specifics are in the product description.

4.3 Price accuracy is maintained, with errors addressed promptly.

4.4 Prices are in GBP, inclusive of VAT where applicable, excluding delivery fees.

5. Delivery

5.1 Delivery is to the Buyer’s address or as otherwise agreed.

5.2 Proof of address and ID may be required.

5.3 Delivery dates are estimates; timely delivery is not guaranteed.

5.4 Buyer is responsible for accepting delivery within 5 days of notification.

5.5 Failure to accept delivery or provide necessary information results in risk passing to the Buyer.

5.6 Re-delivery charges may apply.

5.7 Goods may be delivered in instalments.

5.8 Free delivery takes 5-7 working days; priority is given to expedited deliveries.

5.9 Delivery shortages must be reported within 24 hours.

6. Risk Transfer

6.1 Risk transfers to the Buyer upon delivery, except for international shipments where it transfers at shipping.

7. Payment

7.1 Payment methods are as indicated on the website.

8. Cancellation Rights

8.1 Buyers have 7 working days to cancel after delivery, with specific exceptions.

8.2 Cancellation must be in writing.

8.3 Returned Goods must be at the Buyer’s expense.

8.4 Goods must be cared for while in the Buyer’s possession.

8.5 Refunds are processed within 30 days of cancellation.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 The Vendor’s total liability is outlined, with specific exclusions.

9.2 Liability for death, personal injury, fraud, or fraudulent misrepresentation is not limited.

9.3 Liability is limited to the price of the Contract.

10. Assignment

10.1 The Vendor may assign the Contract.

10.2 The Buyer requires written consent to assign.

11. Unforeseeable Delays

11.1 Vendor may defer delivery or cancel the Contract due to events beyond reasonable control.

12. Export of Goods

12.1 Compliance with export regulations is required.

13. General Provisions

13.1 Rights and remedies are cumulative.

13.2 Invalid provisions do not affect the rest of the Contract.

13.3 Waivers must be in writing.

13.4 English law governs the Contract.

Additional Terms for Business Customers

  1. Delivery and Credit Terms
  • Business address deliveries.
  • Payment within 30 days of invoice.
  • Title passes upon full payment.
  1. Quality and Returns
  • Manufacturer warranties apply.
  • No cancellation rights for business purchases.
  • Returns subject to restocking fee.

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